Race 4 Extinction

No, I haven’t given up on “Bugger!”: this is a project that emerged from a 48-hour Game Jam, and I’m not one to leave something half finished-oh-god-help-me-I-have-OCD!

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“R4E” inspired by the likes of “Canabalt” and “Dino Run“, so involves running constantly from left to right and avoiding obstacles while collecting items. The player follows the course of human evolution: each level corresponds to a distinct time period with a different character with strengths, weaknesses and abilities:

This game was a collaborative effort, created by myself, Mattia R. and Mauro M. Music was done by 93 Steps and Franceso L. The theme of the jam was “extinction”, and Mattia’s idea was to have a character slowly evolving from monkey to self destruction. Not to give anything away, it doesn’t end well…

  • Files and additional media hosted by indieDB.

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