A simple little platform game, Abomination is about a truly weird creature on a quest to retrieve its Teddy-bear. Thanks to its sharp claws, the Abomination can climb up walls and even hang from the roof if it’s made of wood:

The mechanics are simple: you can’t grip metal unless you’re magnetised, you can’t climb on stone ceilings, pain = bad and teddy = good. The pixel-art is similar to Supersoldat’s, but the tile-sets and modular backgrounds are far more interesting to look at, and the animation is all home-made and hand-drawn. Special thanks to Henrik R. for the music :-)

Abomination Screenshot

If you’re interested, read the blog post about the game or have a look at the original thread from the Gamemaker board. You can also check out the game’s indieDB page for whole bunch more screenshots and various downloads. You can also get the file from TheGameHippo.

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