Think I’m getting the hang of this (C++ I mean)…

“Bugger!” is a game I’m currently working on, written from the ground up (more or less) in C++ using the very awesome SFML media library. I plan to eventually release it on Windows, Linux and Mac.

The gameplay will be fairly standard top-down shooter fare, with awesome sound effects, loud music, a view that follows the player and a selection of zany weapons, spectacular explosions and simple enemies to be slaughtered en mass.

The only thing that really makes the game different is its setting: “Bugger!” takes place inside the source-code of… itself! You take on the role of a debugger, trying to clear the code of bugs so it can be shipped!

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Working a 9 to 5 job is tiring, who’d have thought?

A lot has happened since my last post: I’ve been busy organising game jams and making games. I suppose it’s better to make games than talk about them, but it does seem like a shame not to have some kind of record. Last weekend we organised a second edition of our association’s game jam “Funky Future”Funky Future logo

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