“Surprise Cat Secks!”

“Surprise Cat Secks” is a surprising cat secks sand-box game about cats, secks and deadly neuro-toxins!

I made an initial version during the 24th Ludum Dare game development competition, and I’ve extended since (“post-compo” version). Go here to vote for me; just remember to base your judgement off the original version, not the extended one!!

I took regular screenshots throughout the jam so as to create a time-lapse of the entire 48-hour period, bar a period of 2 hours when I forgot to turn it on (it was also off when I was away from my computer):

You can find a video of the initial 48 hour version of the game here:

The new and improved version can be found on this site or on my ludum dare page. It features:

  • improved interface displaying percent min/mean/max resistances,
  • fire, ice and poison effects displayed visually on the cats,
  • nerve-gas now causes confusion as well as damage, nitrogren freezes faster,
  • footsteps sound- and graphical-effects,
  • cats actively seek out mates rather than roaming at random,
  • cats can be stepped on,
  • weapons have been tweaked, with new, better sound effects,
  • awful cat-choir music!

I’m planning on adding death by old age and a “fertility gun”: this will make it possible to win the game (if one can even talk about winning) without killing any cats! I also need to redo the start- and end-game screens and trigger victory when a cat is above 90% fitness.

That’s all for now folks, but I do plan to discuss some of the interesting bugs encountered and lessons learn in the near future :)

I forgot to mention: both version are GPL 3, and aren’t obfuscated so you can look at the code! There’s also a git repository here.

  • http://qubodup.net qubodup

    I am not a fan of the title of this game!

    Bug time!

    • http://wilbefast.com/ Wilbefast

      :’( What’s wrong with the title?

      This is a rare but known bug, but since it’s an HTML/CSS problem and I’m no web-developer, I haven’t the first idea what might be causing it. I’ll repost your video in the hope that somebody has encountered a similar problem – thanks for taking the capture :)

      For the record the name “surprise cat secks!” came from a debug log message I wrote while testing cat reproduction: when two cats with the right attributes collided the message was logged. The game didn’t have a name at the time and so I decided it would serve as well ;)