Procrastination, ECAI and Ludum Dare #24

This week I will be busy preparing for a presentation I’m giving at the “European Conference for Artificial Intelligence” (ECAI) on the 28th. I will thus be in silent-mode until the 24th… when the Ludum Dare kicks off. This is going to be a hectic week!

In case you’re wondering about and/or coming to the conference, the paper is called “Let the System Learn a Game: How Can FCA  Optimize a Cognitive Memory  Structure” and it will be presented at the “What can FCA do for AI” (FCA4AI) workshop. I’ll be at the conference all of next week (from the 27th) as a volunteer, so feel free to drop by and say hello :)

This last few days I’ve been looking into Ogre3D and jMonkeyEngine to see which is faster and/or easier to use. The goal is to have a crack at making a real-time tactics game (which will be called “Open War”, naturally). I may also give Panda3D a try to see if Python scripting makes things easier or harder. Here’s a quick video of what I was able to achieve in Ogre in a couple of days by following the tutorials:

NDK Black Dog is more or less finished, bar a little optimisation, leak stopping and debugging: there are no problems on Linux but on Android objects often don’t spawn for some reason. It’s quite distressing :(

Qubodup suggested I add an outline to the dog to make it more visible, which I managed to achieve by using Gimp’s edge detection filter. The effect was so good I applied to almost everything to give the game a bit more of a recognisable style :)

What do you think?

That’s all for now, and I shan’t be as available this next week for obvious reasons. Wish me luck, and see you all for the Ludum Dare!